Did you ever notice that just when you finally cough up the bucks to purchase that piece of software you've been needing, and install it and get it working, they come up with a new update?

Ya just can't keep up!

Graphic design software is not cheap. Dropping $699 on Photoshop CS (lastest price on the Adobe.com website as I type) is not for the faint at heart. That's just the tip of the software iceberg. You need page layout software, illustration software, pdf writing software, postscript printer drivers, and that's before you even think about any animation or flash productions. Then you also need to know how to use all of it!

Professional graphic designers stay current with this type of software, as well as the methods used by printers and required by ad agencies and the like.

You might think, "I can make a brochure in my word processing program." And you probably can. But how will you convert that into a print resolution pdf using CMYK color and with all fonts supplied or converted to outlines?

If I were going to put an addition on my house, I wouldn't run out and buy a drafting program then spend weeks and weeks trying to figure out how to use it. Only to find out I probably put the sink in backwards. I'd just call a professional!

Save yourself the bucks, and the frustration trying to learn new software in time for the brochure deadline. Just call a professional graphic designer and let them do their magic.

You can spend your time doing what you do best.