We have been using a couple different content management systems for our client sites recently. Clients want the ability to manage and maintain their own sites, and content management is the way to go.

So we decided it was time to update the WoW! site. To practice what we preach, we felt it only fair to set up the WoW! site using a similar framework.

So, here it is. The new design of WoW! Graphic Designs' website. The site is built using an open source software project called "Joomla". Joomla is a powerful Content Management System for websites.

Content Management based websites not have a lot more features for a lot less of a financial investment, but they also utilize a database. This makes it easier when you want to update the look and feel of your site.

Think of it like your kitchen cupboards. You have a bunch of shelves within cabinets, and are happy with what's in the cabinets as far as food for your family. However, you are tired of those dark brown cabinet doors and old ratty pulls. So you have Sears come in and reface them, and add some nice shiny new hardware.

Your website is similar. The content is all stored within database tables, and the cabinet doors are like the template. So when you want to upgrade the look, you can do it easily by selecting a new template.

Of course it's not that simple. You have to know how to customize the templates, and install the components and make them all work together. But it's still better than reinventing the wheel, or tearing out all your old cabinets, just because you want a new look.

We'd be happy to give you more information about Content Management Software for your website. Just give us a call.

Meanwhile, browse through the portfolio here and check out some of the sites we've set up using these programs. They will be indicated with an asterisk.