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Ever woken up from a dream feeling more lost than when you went to bed? That’s where Dream Station Coach comes in. This website is the digital haven for Dina Blythe, a life coach specializing in unlocking the secrets of your dreams, guiding you towards your life path, and offering a listening ear with genuine warmth.


We started with a blank canvas. Dina had no established branding, no website, and wanted to showcase her expertise in dream analysis and life path coaching – areas often overlooked by mainstream life coaching. Additionally, she emphasized the importance of creating a space that felt welcoming to all ages and life paths, while also incorporating a seamless booking experience and reflecting the ethereal feel of her unique brand.

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Features: Booking / Appointments, Complex Forms

We created a vibrant and engaging website that reflects Dina’s unique blend of expertise and personality.

  • A splash of color: The website pops with a color palette that evokes a sense of calm and optimism, reflecting the journey of self-discovery.].
  • Words that resonate: We crafted inclusive and welcoming copy that speaks to anyone seeking guidance on their life path, regardless of their background or beliefs.
  • A smooth sailing experience: Booking sessions is a breeze with our seamless booking system that integrates seamlessly with a secure client portal for storing dream journals and other important documents.
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