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The renowned Museum of Hounds & Hunting North America website has undergone a digital transformation! While preserving its iconic brand identity, we’ve reimagined its website to showcase its rich collections and engaging exhibits in a fresh and modern light.


The Museum, a treasure trove of foxhunting art, artifacts, and memorabilia, felt the need to revitalize its online presence. Their existing website, though established, lacked user-friendliness and didn’t effectively showcase the wealth of knowledge and experiences housed within its walls.

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Features: Custom Blog, Free Events, Image Galleries, Simple Forms

We combined respect for the Museum’s heritage with a modern design approach. Here’s how we breathed new life into the website:

  • A visual feast: We embraced the Museum’s existing branding colors while creating a fresh and user-friendly design that complements the beauty and historical significance of its collection.
  • A window into the Museum: Captivating image galleries showcase the Museum’s diverse collection, allowing visitors to virtually explore its treasures, from historical artifacts to stunning artwork.
  • Engaging narratives: We incorporated a dedicated blog section where the Museum can share in-depth stories, historical insights, and captivating anecdotes related to hounds and hunting in North America.
  • Stay informed: An event calendar keeps visitors up-to-date on upcoming exhibitions, talks, and special events, ensuring they never miss a chance to delve deeper into the world of hounds and hunting.
  • Support the cause: A seamless donation form empowers visitors to directly contribute to the Museum’s mission of preserving history and educating the public.
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