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Do you wish you spent less time working on your business and had more time to play?

Me too! That’s why I started WoW! Graphic Designs in 1995!

Hi, I’m Cheryl, a web designer in Pamplin, Virginia. I started WoW! Graphic Designs because I wanted more time with my growing family. I had the passion for what I was doing but there were so many skills to learn as an entrepreneur, I was feeling overwhelmed and defeated!

When I finally realized that my time was my most valuable asset, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer to start outsourcing the jobs that took me too long to do, like bookkeeping and programming. My time was best spent doing only the things that I could do… creating REALLY good design.

I remember when I sent my first client their rough draft. I was so nervous but all my self-doubt disappeared when they replied with one word...


And that's how I knew I was on the right path with starting my web design business.

Founder and web designer of WoW! Graphic Designs, Cheryl Microutsicos
Founder of WoW! Graphic Designs, Cheryl Microutsicos

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Since 1995, we've helped dozens of business owners just like you get results.

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Founder of WoW! Graphic Designs, Cheryl Microutsicos


Founder & CEO

Laura Flood, employee of WoW! Graphic Designs


Creative Director

Sagar Arora

Junior Creative Assistant

Abigail Anderson

Junior Graphic Designer

Sue Jellum, employee of WoW! Graphic Designs




Customer Relations

Mary K


Our promise

You will always have a team of real people supporting you.

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We are industry experts.

A highly qualified team of website professionals with decades of experience.  We have the skill set to help you soar to new heights.

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We are small but mighty.

Being small lets us get to know our clients, and provide personalized service that is second to none.

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We are easy to talk to.

Friendly and personable, our team is available to answer your call, text, or email. You will never feel unheard.

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We like to hear your thoughts.

We know how crucial it is for your personality to shine through so you are involved every step of the way!

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We flex to meet your needs.

Every business is different so we don’t lock you in to anything that doesn’t fit your specific goals.

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We value good communication.

We take on a limited amount of clients every year to guarantee the highest level of service.

Stop wasting your time learning to do it all!

We want to help you grow your business & achieve more freedom.