Why We Empower Passionate Women-Owned Small Businesses

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It’s one thing to own a small business. It’s another thing to be a woman small business owner, run it, and have enough time for your growing family! How can we say that? Because we’ve been there. 

WoW! Graphic Design is a women-owned small business founded in 1995 by Cheryl, a female entrepreneur who once felt overwhelmed with the desire to build her personal net worth while also feeling like a super mom and spending time with her family! We’ll let you in on the secret — it’s possible to do both.

In this blog post, we want to share with you the unique “why” of WoW! Graphic Design and how we can make sure you do it all. You’ve got this, Super Mom!

The Facts About Women-Owned Small Businesses

In the United States in 2023, there were around 13 million women-owned small businesses! This includes businesses both directly owned and co-owned by women. Women also employ over 10 million people. Small businesses — and women-owned businesses — are a massive driver of the economy, especially local businesses.

Who are these women?

There’s some excellent news about women-owned businesses and female entrepreneurs: in 2023, black women and other women of color who became small business owners went up by 33%! The work to even the playing field is underway, slowly but surely.

Of the 13+ million women-owned small businesses, an estimated one in every three businesses is owned by a mom — or Mompreneur. That means over 4 million businesses aren’t just women-owned, they’re powered by a mom who likely wanted one (or more) of the following:

  • More flexibility
  • A way to supplement their current income
  • To provide a solution for a unique challenge in their lives

Sound familiar? 

How WoW! Graphic Designs Came to Be

In 1995, our founder, Cheryl Microutsicos, wanted one thing: to spend more time with her growing family while also focusing on what she loved to do — creating REALLY good graphic design. However, as a freelancer, there weren’t many opportunities to let her be both a super mom at home and the ultimate graphic designer. Plus, she would have needed a lot of business education.

We’re a Women-Owned Small Business, too!

The solution came wrapped up in a carefully crafted business plan for WoW! Graphic Designs. She needed to outsource the day-to-day operations and other complicated tasks of running a small business to people who thrive on those challenges. Only then could she provide other women business owners with the skills she already has — graphic design and marketing — while balancing her busy home and family life in a rewarding and genuine way.

Today, we’ve helped dozens of small businesses and female entrepreneurs like you boost their profit and land the clients of their dreams, all while creating more time and space to balance their busy life as successful working women.

Our Unique Why

WoW! Graphic Designs isn’t just a website and graphic design company. Our business is built on letting other small business owners experience the same balance and joy in their business and family life that we do. Women entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate and work HARD. We’re here to ensure that work delivers a lighter load and even better returns. Here are a few ways we help your small business thrive and build balance in your life.

We get YOU.

WoW! Graphic Designs doesn’t just hear what you’re saying about your small business. We listen. We listen to your fears, challenges, aspirations, and values and create solutions that bring your business’s best, most authentic version and goals to life.

Websites and graphic design that drive your small business forward.

We build an authentic brand and website for your business, which makes you visible to the right potential clients. When you reach the right audience, you’ll have more qualified traffic entering your site and connecting with your brand! You’ll be able to manage and grow your business without sacrificing quality time with your family.

Reach and resonate with your target audience.

Your dream clients are out there. By partnering with WoW! Graphic Designs, you benefit from our expertise in finding your ideal audience and expressing exactly who you are and what your brand does for them. Plus, we take care of all that techy stuff so you can focus on what you love: providing your clients with your service.

The process of helping other women-owned businesses hit their stride is a tremendous honor and the reason behind what we do! No person has all the skills needed to run an entire business. Even if you do, it means your schedule is FULL — too full to include the time you want with your family. We don’t just want to see women-owned businesses thrive — we want to see the women behind them succeed as well by benefiting from the skills and offerings of the talented team here at WoW! Graphic Designs. That is our unique “why”.

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